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The Company
Newton Aqua provides innovative base load energy technologies which are:
  • Clean
  • Green
  • Reliable and 
the most cost effective means of generating energy 24/7.
Widespread adoption of Newton Aqua technologies will drive economic growth, by generating energy infrastructure investments, increasing employment and delivering significant investor returns for companies and economies that embrace the solutions.
Newton Aqua renewable energy technologies help reduce the carbon emissions in traditional energy industries.  The technologies simplify the effort needed to attain emission targets. Reducing the emissions without energy price increases, widespread job losses or shutting down industries.

The Story

The Newton Aqua story began with a curiosity to find a reliable and cost effective approach to generating hydrogen.  The curiosity turned into a passion to overhaul more than just the energy landscape.
Newton Aqua provides solutions built on substantial technologies that address one of the major industrial & ecological issue facing our world today.
Interested in learning more about Newton Aqua services, technologies or solutions:​
Newton Aqua and its partners are seeking further investment capital to commence industrial demonstrations of the Newton Aqua technologies.
To help make a real difference to the clean energy problems facing modern economies, or to benefit from the Newton Aqua solutions contact us. Click here
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