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Clean Energy Technologies
Newton Aqua has developed a new category of renewable energy technology.  The technology is innovative and underpins our range of clean energy solutions.  Newton Aqua Clean Energy technologies include:
Click here for additional information on Newton Aqua clean energy solutions and market opportunities.
Carbon Recycling Technologies

Technologies that capture CO2 emissions and use the gas in industrial applications.

Newton Aqua carbon capture is cost effective and significantly improves the return on capital of legacy fossil fuel thermal investments.
Newton Aqua Carbon Capture & Use technologies include:
Click here for additional information on Newton Aqua carbon capture and use solutions and market opportunities.

Water Technologies

Newton Aqua provides infrastructure solutions to supply clean, safe and affordable water.
Newton Aqua Water technologies include:
  • Water Desalination to supply urban use
  • Ultra Large Scale Water Desalination to supply irrigation schemes
  • Water Purification to produce potable water from brackish and dirty sources
Click here for additional information on Newton Aqua water solutions and market opportunities.
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