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Energy Market Opportunities

Power Sector

World demand for new energy investment in 2019 is approximately 1.7 Trillion.  The accumulated demand for new energy investments from 2015 - 2035 is approximately $48 Trillion. (Approximately $1.6 Trillion per year in 2015 and rising to $2 Trillion per year by 2035).
Wholesale electricity sales globally are approximately $2 trillion pa with the potential to double over the next twenty years due to increased demand in the developing countries.  Doubling of electricity sales assumes the current mix of energy sources.  Under a scenario of less fossil fuels then electricity generation may increase by a factor of seven times.

Power Generation

Renewable Energy investment opportunities from 2014 - 2035 is $10 Trillion.   Newton Aqua Energy has solutions to supply clean and green energy, available 24x7 to match the rising global demand with Zero carbon emissions.

Energy Storage & Green Fuel

Newton Aqua Energy Storage and Green Fuel solutions provide an economically beneficial alternative to power transmission and distribution network investment.  Energy Storage and Green Fuel solutions improve the overall efficiency and utility of a power network.
World demand for power transmission and distribution from 2014 - 2035 is $ 8 Trillion.



Carbon Market Opportunities

Burning fossil fuels is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.  Coal provides 29.9% of global primary energy needs and generates 41% of the world's electricity.  Coal is also used in the production of 70% of the world’s steel.


Carbon recycling provides a means of reducing CO2 emissions without switching to renewable energy.  There are frequently compelling price, value and efficiency reasons why industries use fossil fuels.  Newton Aqua provide solutions that make carbon capture cost effective and technologies that turn CO2 into economically valuable products. 

CO2 Industrial Applications

Carbon is a valuable resource.  Turning CO2 into useful industrial products makes capital investment into carbon capture profitable and rewarding.  Newton Aqua Synthetic Fuels solutions turn CO2 into liquid hydro-carbons like diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, propane (LPG) or methane (LNG).

Water Market Opportunities

Ultra Large Scale Desalination
Water scarcity and water quality are universal concerns and have the potential to destabilise many regions around the world.
Access to abundant supply of clean and fresh water is essential for the economic success and peaceful functioning of society.
Newton Aqua Water solutions have the means to supply sufficient fresh water to match the domestic, industrial and agricultural demands of a nation.
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